Nativity Scene

12.06.08 | Comment?

No god sign by nativity scene

In Olympia, Washington, at a public building, there is a nativity display present. The other display present is the image to the right, placed there by the Freedom From Religion Foundation. It’s causing quite a stir and the thing I can’t figure out is, why? If a nativity display is accepted, why isn’t a sign that indicates it’s a myth accepted? Are people’s religious convictions really so shallow that the mere presence of a sign indicating an alternate belief is threatening to them?

I’m not dumb, I know why this is a big deal. But the reality is, it shouldn’t be. That we have huge segments of our population wandering around making decisions on the basis of a series of myths promulgated by ignorant sheepherders over 2,000 years ago should make any thinking person’s skin crawl. Even more so when they hold power and say things like “I happen to be a Christian, and I don’t agree with the display that is up there,” Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire told The Olympian newspaper. “But that doesn’t mean that as governor, I have the right to deny their ability to express their free speech.”

Religion is for weak minded people who need someone else to tell them what's right and what's wrong. Just be good for goodness' sake!

Free speech is at issue here, but there’s something much, much deeper. A sign like this that merely points out the truth causes more grief than the blatant mixing of religion and government. That’s wrong, and it’s time that thinking people stand up and take back government from the deluded masses, it’s not healthy and this set of core beliefs directly contributes to irrational policies across our culture. I’m fed up with the status quo on this issue.

If you want to be spiritual, be spiritual, it’s your right. If you want to believe in some all powerful god, do so, it’s your right. But it is not your right to impose those beliefs on others. That’s where the line is drawn and we’re so far over it’s going to take concentrated effort to bring it back. Meanwhile, happy winter solstice!

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