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Zepplin Sighting

10.25.08 | Comment?

New Zepplin NT04
Airship Ventures new Zepplin, NT04 arrives in the Bay Area October 25, 2008
Attribution: Airship Ventures

Seventy one years since the last call from a Zepplin (the last time was the Hindenberg and that didn’t turn out so well,) I saw the one in this picture off the coast this morning. At the time, I didn’t know anything about it. Now, I know that Airship Ventures has ordered (and now received) a 246 foot long helium filled Zepplin that will be based at Moffett Field permanently.

The business model is to primarily provide sightseeing tours around the Bay Area supplemented by advertising. At $500/hour, it’s pricey. But I have to admit, I’d LOVE to take a ride in the ship. Up to 12 passengers can handled at at time and 1 and 2 hour trips are available. They’ve got a blog up and it looks as though operations will commence next week. Hope the economy doesn’t take them out before they even get a chance to get going.

This is a really bold idea that takes significant vision and appetite for risk. I wish the entrepreneurs (Brian and Alexandra Hall) at Airship Ventures success. I’ll be watching with interest.

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