The Green Gigawatt and More

05.16.08 | Comment?

Since I’ve moved all the energy posts to the Renewable Energy Journal, I’ve been trying to keep folks here informed about what’s happening with some snippets of the content posted there each week. So here goes…

Geothermal 101 – A great primer on the geothermal industry.

Western GeoPower Raises $8.6M – More cash for project development raised by WGP.

Want to Get Your Project Financed? – You’ve got a great renewable project, but how do you get the money to execute it?

Drilling Commences at Neal Hot Springs – Oregon gets on the geothermal scoreboard with large-scale project development commencing.

More Dilution at Ormat – The company sells some stock, raises some money, and sinks 5%.

Raser reports Q1 – It’s a mixed bag for Raser, will they get their projects completed in enough time to stave off insolvency?

The Folly of Fueled Power Plants – Another commentary from Blakeslee, pejorative and entertaining.

Waste Water Resort – Sounds horrible, looks great. Don’t judge it until you get the details.

Geothermal Investment Heats Up; Cleantech Bubble Called – So which is it? Does cleantech rule or is it on the precipice of becoming this decade’s stock crash?

Picken’s Green Gigawatt – When an oil tycoon ponys up $3B to start a renewable project, the world recognizes there’s money to be made in them there hills.

That’s it for now, check out the Renewable Energy Journal if you’re just here for energy content. If you like the melange of other stuff, then by all means keep visiting!

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