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Rodent of Unusual Size

01.16.08 | 2 Comments

Artist’s Rendering of ROUS
Artist's Rendering of ROUS

Via Yahoo News:

PARIS (AFP) – Fossil hunters have uncovered the greatest rodent that ever lived — a one-tonne behemoth that bestrode the swamplands of South America some four million years ago.

The newly-identified species is the greatest-known member of the order Rodentia and by comparison makes the biggest rodent alive today, the 60-kilo (132-pound) capybara, look like a pygmy shrew.

The skull of the extraordinary beast was found in a broken boulder on Kiyu Beach on the coast of Uruguay’s River Plate region, palaeontologists reported in a study on Wednesday.

Measuring a whopping 53 centimetres (21 inches), the skull has massive incisors several centimetres long.

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Guess the Princess Bride wasn’t all fairy tales! Of course, the largest rodent of unusual size roaming the planet currently is the Capybara – I wonder what it is about the South American rainforest….

Capybara, living rodent of unusual size