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More Demand Management

01.16.08 | Comment?

Via Earth2Tech:

Demand management, the business of intelligently managing power use, especially during peak energy-use hours, can pay for itself in a matter of months. But now with some utilities offering incentives to commercial and industrial power users, demand management systems can give a return on investment almost immediately.

That’s the case with a $250,000 energy management system from Powerit Solutions, for which PG&E has given produce processor Guadalupe Cooling Company a grant. Powerit President Bob Zak told Earth2Tech that “using the California incentives that are demand response-based… [our] systems can be 100 percent paid for upon installation.”

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We continue to believe that demand management is a part of the solution with respect to our transition to an electric economy (from a fossil economy.) Sure, it’s essential that efficient generation from renewable resources continues forward to increase capacity, but there is also an opportunity to manage demand such that the capacity we currently have can be utilized more effectively and consumers can make decisions about their utility bills. How does this work? Powerit has provided a nice diagram that shows the key components:

Powerit Diagram for Demand Management

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