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Buckeyes dominate Boilermakers, 23-7

10.06.07 | 1 Comment

Another trendy upset pick, another disappointment for those folks. The Buckeye defense came to play and demonstrated it throughout the game, only giving up a meaningless touchdown toward the end of the game as they shifted to prevent. It could have (and perhaps should have) been a shutout if the D coordinators continued calling pressure. Well, I missed on this one in my preview, I thought both offenses would do more predicting a 35-24 Buckeye win. Without the interceptions, we would have seen OSU put up 35, but Purdue was nowhere near 24.

The Good

  • 7 of 14 PU possessions were three and out
  • Only one sustained drive allowed, 87 yards (PU’s last drive)
  • The kicking game, 3-3 on FGs, kickoffs through the endzone, coverage on punts and kickoffs improved, returns OK
  • First quarter offense, 2/3 possessions resulted in TDs
  • Maurice Wells picked up the running load and acquitted himself well
  • Good execution/concetration in a tough, conference, road, night game

The Bad

  • The offensive effort in quarters 2-4
  • QB pressure in the fourth quarter (coaching, it’s clear the players were bringing it when called)
  • Offensive play calling in the 2nd half, did the coaching staff not notice that every play was a blitz?
  • Many, many dropped interceptions by the defense
  • Not stomping on an opponent when they’re down, this is a flaw that needs to be corrected that has existed across multiple seasons. Letting a team with better talent hang around like this is a recipe for upset in the future.

The Ugly

  • Beanie’s ankle. It’s clearly more injured than previously thought. If he can’t go (and Saine isn’t in) the offense is not effective.
  • Boeckman’s penchant to throw late, telegraph deep receivers, and underthrow resulted in 3 interceptions. Against better talent, that will result in a loss. It needs to be corrected and fast.

This was a dominating and suffocating win by the Buckeyes. The outcome was not in doubt through the second offensive possession in the first quarter. It was a good win on the road over a ranked, undefeated opponent. By no stretch of the imagination will I say that the Bucks are unbeatable, but they are on the right road to play for a Big 10 championship and perhaps more. I want them to stay focused and hungry, and I’d love for the national press to keep saying that they can’t win and aren’t worthy to be in another big game. This team plays best when under the radar.

1 Comment