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Clean Is Happy

09.20.07 | 3 Comments

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It takes a moment to load and make sure your speakers work…
Screen shot of cleanishappy.com, the Washlet multi-media online commercial

Where to begin. A friend forwarded this to me yesterday, I opened it, and looked at it with amazement.

So many jokes, so little time. I wanted to laugh, but the presentation was so good, I didn’t. This is a classic case of creativity overcoming a difficult product to market, discuss, and sell. Take a moment, interact with the site, then come back.

I was impressed that they managed to talk about keeping one’s hind end clean without once mentioning the words: bottom, ass, wiping, feces, shit, urine, piss, or anything else even relating to bodily functions. The site is simple and original and if you take the time to go through it, tells you what the product is and how it works. (Though I seriously doubt that a heated toilet seat that shoots water at my butt then uses a hair dryer to complete the job is in my purchase plans…) The site is simple and effective despite the product being discussed.

Curiously, two of the toilets we have are made by Toto and one feature of the Washlet that they do have, that I love, is the whisper close feature. As a male living in a house overrun by females, closing the lid is a big deal. With the whisper close, you just drop the lid and it slowly and softly retreats to the toilet rim instead of the clanking sound you’d get from dropping a regular lid.

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