Washington is a Sucker Bet

09.19.07 | Comment?

Commentary by Jack Cafferty via CNN:

Don’t kid yourself: The No. 1 priority of any politician is being re-elected.


The immunity these people have crafted for themselves over time allows them freedom to pursue their own agendas at the expense of yours. No term limits, no independent ethics oversight, and campaign finance laws that invite corruption. What do they care if you don’t like the way they run the country? There isn’t a hell of a lot you can do about it. And they know it. And they take full advantage of it.

So don’t kid yourself as we roll toward the next election, no matter how much change we think we’re voting for, the odds are that you and I will continue to lose.

As stated earlier on this blog today, what we have is a culture of corruption. The results shouldn’t be surprising…Cafferty hits the nail on the head in his commentary.

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