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Land Auction Redux

08.21.07 | Comment?

Originally published at Montara Energy Ventures.

After writing about the BLM land auction last week we said we’d correct any information that wasn’t right once the results were posted. Well, the results have been posted and here are the California corrections:

  • We believed Binkley Geo Resources won two parcels. In fact, they won one 470 acre parcel.
  • We believed Calpine was an active bidder, that bidder is identified as Geysers Power Company LLC. The street address associated with the entity still has us under the belief it is a subsidiary of Calpine (10350 Socrates Mine Rd in Middletown, CA.)
  • The successful bidders were: Geysers Power Company LLC (2 parcels), High Valley LLC (2 parcels), Kelsy South LLC (1 parcel), and Binkley Geo Resources (1 parcel).

Moving on to Nevada, the changes have to do with bidders, we don’t believe we reported any errors, but have now identified successful bidders.

  • In order of number of parcels won, the successful bidders were: Ormat Nevada Inc (22 parcels), Sierra Geothermal Power Inc (9 parcels), Raser Power Systems LLC (4 parcels), Alexandra Kingzett (2 parcels), Silver State Geothermal LLC (2 parcels), and one parcel each First Covenant Construction, Kodali Inc, Miller Dusty LLC, and Montara Energy Ventures.

Detailed results of the sale have been posted at the BLM California and Nevada web sites.

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