Return of the amphibian

08.12.07 | 4 Comments

The original amphibious car, the Amphicar

About 40 years ago the Amphicar appeared on the scene. This little car/boat could cruise at around 70 mph (112 kph) on the road and 7 knots (13 kph) on the water. As is true with most hybrid inventions, it doesn’t really work because it’s not a very good car or boat. Though Amphicars are now collector’s items fetching up to $50,000 for a mint condition specimen.

Exterior View
Aquada amphibious car exterior, the newest hybrid car/boat
Interior View
Aquada amphibious car interior, the newest hybrid car/boat

Enter Aquada, the newest car/boat hydrid. Advances in technology mean that this car now has 100 mph (160kph) road and 25 knot (48kph) water performance. Will it suffer the fate of the Amphicar? Only time will tell. But it’s certainly a cool toy in the meantime.