Memorial Day: 3,434

05.25.07 | Comment?

That is the number of US combat deaths in Iraq as of May 25th according to the Department of Defense aggregated by Iraq Coalition Casualty Count.


Since we “won” the war in 2003, the fatality count has averaged over 800 people per year.

Memorial Day is about more than a road race and burgers on the grill, please take time to remember the sacrifice that these men and women, and their families have made for all of us. Whatever the reasons for being there and independent of one’s view on what should be done to bring this sorry chapter to an end, the people who are there serving are committed, they risk their lives every day, and they serve for us.

This Memorial Day, find a veteran in your community and thank them for their service. They deserve our gratitude.

As for the current Administration and the co-dependent Congress, well…..they should take a break from decision making for the weekend. It certainly can’t hurt.

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