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Basic Instinct 2 honored with 4 Razzies

02.25.07 | Comment?

Well, it’s that time of year again. Kevin Chu posted his Oscar predictions and we’ll see how he does. But the real action happened last night as the Golden Raspberry Foundation presented the 27th annual Raspberry Awards at the Ivar Theater in Hollywood. It takes talent to make movies so bad that people cringe, and the Razzies recognize this extraordinary work.

A snippet from the award for worst picture “Basically, it stinks too” is what Basic Instinct 2 really was intended to communicate. The Wayans brothers got into the act with Little Man. The big disappointment of the night was Sylvester Stallone’s absence, the veteran of 30 Razzie nominations and 10 wins didn’t make the cut because Rocky Balboa didn’t uniformly stink.

CNN has surface level coverage of this important event. I can’t wait until next year, the competition is getting tougher for this under appreciated set of achievements. After all, where else would you find “That’s Entertainment” performed by the Merman Tabernacle Choir?

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