Darwin Awards

01.05.07 | Comment?

An internet old-timer, the Darwin Awards has a long and esteemed history. For some, probably not their cup of tea. But for others, a fascinating and often hilarious look at how people remove themselves from the gene pool.

Finalists from this year include:

  • Star Wars – Fight with light sabres made from petroleum laden fluorescent light tubes
  • Hammer of Doom – Ordinance deconstruction with a hammer (blogged about here last year)
  • High on Life – Oxygen displacement in a helium balloon
  • Snake in the Grass – A case of mistaken identity
  • Flyswatter – 40mm shell used for insect extermination

Click the Darwin Awards link to see the 2006 winners and finalists. Clearly disease and war aren’t the only things controlling population growth, our own lack of common sense and good judgment seems to contribute mightily to the cause! Browse prior years too, they’re generally entertaining (and also a source of some of the myths tested on the tv show MythBusters.)

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