What is the best homeland security?

10.16.06 | Comment?

Energy independence.

It’s that simple. Every $ sent to foreign entities (and perhaps some domestic entities with international interests) provides a small bit of leverage in the way we project ourselves as a nation on the globe. As George Washington stated in 1796, “Nations have interests, not friends.” Those $ sent offshore do little to advance our interests; often these $ fund activities diametrically opposed to our interests. Where did Osama bin Laden’s money come from? In part, your energy $.

The technology exists today to harness renewable energy of all types to generate electricity and for use in transportation. These are no longer wacky hippie projects, these are serious commercial enterprises intended to make a profit. And profit they will when we as a nation wake up and assert our will to keep our energy $ at home and become as independent as possible.

How? you might ask. Fair enough, by making choices. Instead of investing to build a new 250MW Gas-fired electricity generation facility, choose to install a 250MW wind farm. Instead of having a useless “middle grade” gasoline, offer E85. Instead of spending billions and billions on failed programs (i.e., Department of Homeland Security) redirect that funding to create more efficient renewable energy technologies. We must only find the will to make the change in our thinking, our decisions, and our priorities.

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