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Pumpkin Madness

10.13.06 | Comment?

It’s that time of year again here on the coast, yes, it’s time for the annual Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival where 250,000 of our closest friends come across the hill and descend upon our little town like locusts. Well, it’s not all bad. The merchants here have had a tough year with the Highway 1 closure – I’m happy that our local economy will get a bit of a lift.

The Coastsider and Half Moon Bay Review have some great coverage of the event. If you haven’t experienced pumpkin madness, this can give you a feel for it. Or, you can brave the traffic and come experience it yourself. Hot tip: if you’re going to come over, take the time to use Highway 1 access from the north rather than Highway 92 from the east. It’s a heck of alot faster and prettier.

Photo of the winning pumpkin this year, 554.74 kg (1223 lbs)

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