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10.08.06 | 5 Comments

While Congress wastes time and effort on the so-called Foley scandal, the North Korean’s have followed through on their stated plan to test a nuclear device. I guess we need to welcome yet another state to the nuclear fraternity. Great.

So let’s take score:

  • We’re spending more money than ever before, at last check $1 BILLION dollars more a day than revenue. Every man, woman, and child’s share of the national debt in the US? ~$27,000.
  • We’re mired in Iraq with no clear plan to win the peace (Despite the $20M allocated by Congress to celebrate the victory…) 4,000 Iraqi police have been killed, another 8,000 injured. Sounds like progress to me.
  • Afghanistan is reverting to Taliban control (as claimed by the UN Commander)
  • Iran is following North Korea’s lead in developing nuclear capability (it’s clear we only have military reprisals for those unable or unwilling to protect themselves)
  • We’ve significantly limited American’s rights in America via the PATRIOT act (Hint Congress, expiration would have been a very GOOD THING.)
  • We’ve got secret prisons, detention without end, suspension of habeas corpus, and TORTURE
  • We’re spying on our citizens without probable cause (is it any wonder large companies like HP are following the Executive Branch’s lead on this stuff?)

This is a partial list, I’m just typing the things that are immediately coming to my head without deep thought. It’s an appalling list. Yet, we’re spending our time and effort on finding out who some 2nd rate Congressman wanted to screw? Near as I can tell, to be an intern or paige, one needs to be older than 16 years old, the age of sexual freedom in Washington D.C. Is it great to have a Congressman hitting on interns or paiges? Nope. Is what he did illegal? Nope. Is this an important issue? In the grand scheme of things, nope. I am condemning the entire political apparatus, in this particular instance, Congress, for HAVING THE WRONG PRIORITIES AT THE WRONG TIME. AGAIN!

When you go into the booth (or fill out your absentee ballot,) do us all a favor and simply vote against the incumbent. That’s perhaps the simplest and least harmful thing we can (provided our votes are counted….) I’d like to start an anti-incubent movement before the election. I don’t care if they’re Red or Blue, if they’re in office, they’re a target because they’ve been asleep at the switch. If you agree, send the link to this blog around. Let’s show MoveOn what grass roots really means. Let’s vote and throw the bums out. Let’s take our country back and make history with a new congress, really new. Not a retread. Steal this entry and share it. Please.

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