Fascism rears its ugly head

10.04.06 | Comment?

This article is well worth reading authored by Gene Callahan and is harvested from a blog entry by Ron Garret. If the parallels to 1934 Nazi Germany don’t scare you, you’re not paying attention.

Top Ten signs your democracy is devolving into a fascist regime:

  1. Secret prisons – Check.
  2. Torture – Check.
  3. Spying on all citizens – Check.
  4. Arrests and indefinite imprisonment without trial – Check.
  5. Secret detention – Check.
  6. Denial and restriction of habeas corpus – Check.
  7. Unprovoked wars to “protect us from them” – Check.
  8. Unfair trial procedures – Check.
  9. Consistent lying by goverment officials – Check.
  10. Reprisals for anyone who dares to speak out – Check.

This list was derived from Callahan’s entry which in turn was derived from Amnesty International.

Seems pretty clear cut. It is no longer outrageous to say our democracy is devolving into a fascist regime. Question is, what are we going to do about it?

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