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07.28.06 | Comment?

As previously noted, I’m something of an Ohio State football fan. One of the joys of being a football fan in the preseason is that all things are possible: winning a national championship, winning the Big 10 championship, beating Michigan, and even having a Heisman Trophy winner. It’s great to dream and hope your team will achieve some measure of success.

Recently I stumbled across Adam Jardy’s series for BuckeyeSports.com where he is using a video game to model how the season might go for the mighty Buckeyes. If it goes like it has in his simulations, there will be a very happy Buckeye Nation.

Read for yourself:
Northern Illinois
Penn State
Bowling Green

The rest of the season (Michigan State, Indiana, Minnesota, Illinois, Northwestern, and Michigan) to come in the next few weeks. Let’s hope that the Bucks continue to roll, and more to the point, that the real season tracks this story line. Thanks Adam for an excellent series.

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