Smart Hat – no sensors, no sunburn, and no bugs as a bonus

07.27.06 | 1 Comment

A colleague of mine has a thing about bugs – he doesn’t like them, but they like him. So, on a recent vacation he accidentally stumbled into something that helped with the bugs while attempting to solve a sunburn problem. It’s important to note that my colleague doesn’t have a proper hairstyle, like me. And as a consequence, his neck is left bare – exposed to the elements. Not wanting to become a redneck, he decided that he’d better get a hat that would provide protection for this tender area.

While the smart bikini is interesting and has UV sensors, the smart hat is practical. No sensors in the hat yet I’m sorry to note.

“Buzz Off” Smart Hat

Note: This is not the actual hat as my colleague’s spouse has forbidden him to wear it outside the garden at this point. But I did attempt to convince him to send me an action shot. Stay tuned, he might yet.

What makes this hat so special aside from its obvious style and good looks? It has an insect repellent native to the fabric. You can’t detect that the chemical is present (no smell, no residue) but the insects do and leave you alone. It’s good for up to 25 washes. Check it out at Buzz Off. By the way, they sell more than just hats… This trend of making clothing smarter and more than just a coverup is interesting. I’ll see what else I can find related to this trend and share.

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1 Comment