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Update: Devil’s Slide Repairs

06.02.06 | Comment?

The Coastsider has been posting some very high quality information and photos on the Devil’s Slide repairs. As you may know, April 2 of this year a 300 foot section of the roadway subsided around 5 feet coupled with a rock fall from 300 feet above the roadway. Repairs have been ongoing and are slated to wrap up late September.

Here’s a film clip provides an excellent overview of the failure, the repair plan, and shots of the work in progress. It certainly is an engineering wonder. Thanks to Barry Parr and Darin Boville for the excellent content and footage.

Meanwhile, as the road remains closed, traffic problems continue without pause. Traffic over the holiday weekend was horrible. CalTrans continues to work and monitor the traffic patterns – it’s clear they’re doing the best they can in a very difficult situation. While it’s difficult for folks to see when stuck in 2 hour backups, it is making a difference. Thanks CalTrans and keep up the good work.

Here’s a photo of the work site with crane:

Here’s a photo of drilling the “nails” into the slide (in a basket, dangling from the crane in the picture above.)

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