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12.26.05 | Comment?

If you haven’t seen YouTube, you’re missing a great community – both in terms of content and technical capability. It’s at heart, a video content sharing site.

Here’s a short video of the making of YouTube from the people who founded PayPal:

Is that cool or what? Oh, you don’t like that? What about this?

Now, here’s the thing, look at what you can do if you’re a developer

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – THIS is what I want CNS to bring to Sun overall – in terms of community and technical innovation. The content matters, the business model matters, the technology matters, the people matter.

As you return from break (if you were on break…,) please take a moment to think about how we can Create Customer Value and Sell Sun using this type of model. Simple, clean, and valuable. That’s the biggest challenge we face collectively, making it easy for our community and our customers.

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