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Get your free re.vu

09.10.11 | 1 Comment

re.vu, the cure for the common resume

I’m pleased to announce that re.vu (pronounced “review”) is generally available. Click the image to the right or visit re.vu to establish your personal brand today. For those of you who don’t know what a re.vu is, here is a handy primer.

A visual resume
It’s not just a visual resume, it’s a better visual resume available to everyone, free of charge. And yes, there is a place to link to your traditional resume too. See re.vu/stephen for an example, or better yet, create your own re.vu!

Fast start, import your LinkedIn data
You can get started by importing the data they have already entered for their LinkedIn profile with one click. This is a great starting point, but personalization makes your re.vu much more powerful.

Actively integrated into social networks
Your re.vu is actively integrated into LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. There are integration points with over 19 social networking/media sites and the ability to integrate into custom sites.

A collection of infographic widgets
A standard re.vu offers access to 12 complementary infographic widgets. These tools help you express more than just your work history, they provide an outlet for your creative genius.

Professionally designed themes
The re.vu team has invested in over 10 themes that change the look and feel of your re.vu instantaneously upon selection. Don’t like our themes? Create your own through a point and click interface.

Live linkage to your online assets
Have you got a web site you created? A document you’re proud of? A video you directed? A song you composed? A book you’ve written? Great, any and all of these can be part of your re.vu.

Limited only by your imagination
The combinations of widgets, themes, and content is nearly infinite and how your re.vu shows up is limited only by your imagination.

Get Started Today!
1) To get your free (now and forever) re.vu, visit re.vu – enter your mail address (no spam ever,) a password, and your preferred URL (https://re.vu/whateveryouwant.)

2) If you have a LinkedIn profile, you can get a great starter re.vu by importing your profile in a single click, just follow the prompts. Otherwise skip to the next step.

3) Explore the features of re.vu. Personalize your data, social networking sites, infographics, portfolio, and design options to have re.vu tell your unique story.

4) If you like the result, share on Twitter, blog, Facebook, e-mail, Google+, and LinkedIn under the Dashboard, Promote option.

5) Follow @resumevu on Twitter and Like re.vu on Facebook!

(Pro tip: re.vu works best with modern, standards based browsers like Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.)

There is a feedback button on each and every page, please make sure to share yours!

re.vu, the cure for the common resume.

1 Comment