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As outlined in a previous entry, I’m happy to have a new project underway in the form of (pronounced “review”) – a radically better way to represent one’s self than a plain old resume.

Last week, was selected as the winner for the “In Process” category of startups at the contest 59 Days of Code. There was some tough competition there and we were fortunate (and happy) to be selected as the winner in our category. This is the second year of the contest that is held in California’s Central Valley and since one of our co-founders works from Fresno, it was a great forcing function to build out’s features and functions as well as an opportunity to engage with the startup/tech community in and around Fresno (we’re looking at you Hashtag and many, many others…)

Watch this space for news as we move from private beta (our present state) to full release in the very near future. The best time to think about how to market yourself is before you need to, so you are invited to come create your now. It’s a free service and it’s a fantastic way to create a package that tells your story in a way a plain old resume can’t.

No need to be a graphic designer, you can create different looks using templates, widgets, and forms. Here’s a piece of my as an example:

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For those of you who have followed this blog for any period of time, you’re probably wondering why it’s been like the sound of crickets on Musings from the Coast. Well, there are three explanations.

1 – Switch of Roles at my Day Job. That’s right, I’ve changed jobs and now am responsible for all things developer at Juniper Networks. Note, this blog is mine and mine alone, it has nothing to do with Juniper and I don’t speak for Juniper in this medium. The things posted here are my personal views, opinions, activities, etc. Treat the content as such.

2 – A new venture: Having needed to update my resume in recent times, it became clear to me that the boring, plain old resume was not the way to go. Thus, I cofounded (pronounced “review”) with 2 colleagues and we’re driving this forward as a new way for job seekers to market themselves creatively. In these economic times, with almost 14 million Americans looking for work, we think this can be a great tool to help. Check out my to see what I’m talking about. If you’re reading this and we’re still in beta, leave a comment and I’ll get you a code.

3 – I’ve Converted to Twitter. That’s right, after all the bad stuff I had to say about it, I’ve come around to thinking it’s a good way of communicating and have been using it actively since mid-April (3rd time is a charm.) Now, if you’re like me and think about Twitter as being the way to be narcissistic, I can understand that. However, it’s all about who you follow and what you choose to share. You can see my recent tweets to the left in the sidebar. Follow me on @mah1 if you feel so inclined.

All this being said, I’ll try to be a little more diligent and post more than say, once every 60 days.