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Back from R & R

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Black Point Beach, Sonoma County, California in the fog

The family and I made the trek up to northern California for a long weekend ranging from Point Reyes to Fort Bragg. We made camp at Sea Ranch – which was a rustic trip back to the 1970’s, but undeniably beautiful scenery. A good time was had by all.

Even Gracie the dog came with us. This morning, at her dawn walk, she chased a herd of six deer and nearly caught one – who knows what she’d do if she actually caught it. Then we came upon some rabbits, which she duly chased into a thicket. No result. Then, she stuck her nose into a hole in the ground and came up with a mole. She tossed it into the air, it came down, and scurried into the underbrush before she got another shot. Finally, on the way back at the top of the trail, we crossed deer herd again, they were ready this time and bounded over a fence well ahead of the labrador huntress.

Not known for her outdoor prowess, Gracie really showed her speed and moxie today!

Meanwhile, the economy is definitely hurting up there and people should go visit. We like lunch in the garden room of the Mendocino Hotel. Dessert from the Papa Bear’s Chocolate Haus in Mendocino. Fort Bragg has a funky little theater we didn’t visit this time, but have often in the past. The North Coast Brewing Company is worth a visit, good beer and decent food for a fair price. The Bones Roadhouse in Gualala is also worth checking out for the BBQ lover in the crowd. Bridget Dolan’s Irish Pub is always a good time in Elk (or Greenwood Cove, whichever you prefer.)

Shell Beach in Northern Sonoma County is a nice little sheltered cove with fresh shells, great little beach, and fine kite flying breezes. The beach at Elk has fantastic driftwood – drift logs if you will – tossed way inland and is a nice hike up/down the cliff face. The trail from Sea Ranch Lodge goes eight miles north and there are numerous beaches along the way, great stands of cypress, and scads of wild flowers. The best IMHO was Black Point Beach (pictured above, right, in the fog) about 1/4 mile from the Lodge. Fort Ross is worth a visit as well.

While not long distance wise, the time does mount and it’s worth taking one’s time moving along Highway 1. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, it’s a couple of days.

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Back in a Few Days

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Gone surfing again

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Teabaggers Unite!

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When I first heard about this I thought it was a joke – Republicans staging a teabagging party nationwide. Someone really should have told them, perhaps the Log Cabin Republicans? This is too easy, Dick Armey speaking out in favor of teabagging, who knew? Clearly, it is a joke, but those who sponsored it don’t get that they are now the butt of the joke.

Check the video out below, you’ll get a chuckle from it. I did.

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Clever Little Commercial

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When I saw this, I splut liquid through my nose I laughed so hard. If ads were like this in the US, I’d watch more commercial TV – just for the ads! No, we go all crazy over anything sex related except when it’s combined with violence (i.e., touch a breast, it’s rated X, cut off a breast, it’s an R rating.)

Rather than spoil it for you, watch it yourself. Could be NSFW depending on how clued in your co-workers are…..there are a few others at the Daily Beast, this is the best of them IMHO.

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What an Extraordinary Douchebag

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Don’t these pinheads know that if you say it in public, particularly in front of a camera or recording device of any kind, that it will be found? People like Rick Warren must really think the public is stupid.

Larry King says Rick Warren is “An Extraordinary Guy” – I say he’s an extraordinary douchebag and represents all that is evil about organized religion. They can’t even keep their lies straight. Don’t believe me? Watch Rick below.

Pre-Election Prop 8 Rick Warren – writing letters and leaving no doubt of his bigotry

Post-Election Prop 8 Rick Warren – the one who’s words were taken out of context

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