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OK, So What Happened?

09.26.08 | Comment?

The government dithers while the financial crisis intensifies

Yesterday it was reported there was a deal on the bailout. Then there was a meeting with the candidates and the President and the deal was off. Overnight, Washington Mutual failed. Uh, this is going to get worse if action is not taken…What the heck happened in that meeting to undo the deal?

Mr. McCain and Mr. Obama, we know you want to help. The best way you can do that is get on with your campaigns and be ready to vote when it’s time. Since neither of you are on the Finance Committee, this Washington watch is pure HUMBUG. Suspending a campaign, PUH-LEEZE. Does anyone buy that steaming pile of lie?

It’s pretty clear the McCain campaign is sinking and a distraction from that reality is necessary.

The debates, oh the debates. Well, I hope Obama does show up. If McCain isn’t going to make it, he should send Palin. If neither of them make it, then Obama should give a 90 minute exclusive interview to the press there making his case.

Meanwhile, candidates, get back on the trail and let your colleagues do the deal – stay out of it. We can’t afford to wait much longer on this…I tell you, our government could screw up a two car parade!

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