Live from Frankfurt am Main

07.27.08 | Comment?

Photo of Frankfurt am Main
Frankfurt am Main July 27 2008

A few short weeks after leaving a certain enterprise application development company that caused me to visit the Frankfurt airport (Frankfurt am Main for those not in the know) I find myself waiting there for an airplane at nearly midnight Pacific time. The flight in from Boston wasn’t hateful (excepting the wino-windbag I had for a seatmate, literally, this guy was breaking wind and guzzling wine from Boston to Germany…and he was one smelly fellow.)

While on the airplane I watched two movies, 21 and The Other Boleyn Girl, I liked 21 as a popcorn-type movie and the Boleyn flick wasn’t my cup of tea despite having Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman in leading roles. Eric Bana as Henry didn’t help the movie, but to be fair, it wouldn’t have mattered. It was poorly conceived and executed from my perspective. The acting was hollow and the story was trite.

After arriving in Frankfurt, I had a breakfast of salty pretzels, veal sausages, sweet mustard, and weis bier (yes, I know it’s not Munich and I know it’s not Octoberfest, but what can I say? I’ve developed a taste for some German cuisine – wish I could find some Mettswurst…) Meanwhile, the gate information for my next flight to Bangalore hasn’t yet been posted, so I’m crashed at a gate with 300 of my closest friends waiting for things to sort themselves out.

There have been a few questions about safety since the bombs last week in Bangalore – I’m not worried for the record. The most dangerous part of this trip will be riding in the car from the new airport to the hotel – I’m looking forward to this visit, though I do miss my family dearly.

Update: This should read Live from FraPort instead of Frankfurt am Main, the train station! Travel haze sets in, what can I say?

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