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Conference Strength Report

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STOP – This data has been updated for the entire season in this entry. Enjoy.

As promised, we have an update this week. For prior CSRs, check the links at the bottom of this entry.So, on to the current results as of games completed Saturday, October 27. Here’s the table with all BCS Conferences and Notre Dame results:

Chart showing relative college football BCS conference strength from on field performance data as of Oct 27, 2007.
Comments on each conference follow, in alphabetical order: 

  • ACC – No change from prior report.
  • Big East – No change from prior report.
  • Big 10 – Increased OOC and No Patsy win rates slightly.
  • Big 12 – No change from prior report.
  • Pac 10 – No change from prior report.
  • SEC – Increased OOC and No Patsy win rates slightly.

Based on performance to date, on the field, the conference ranking should be:

  1. Pac 10
  2. SEC
  3. Big 10
  4. Big 12
  5. Big East
  6. ACC
  7. Notre Dame

Come back next week for an update of the Conference Strength Report. Prior reports are available below:

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Tourist Remover

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Tourist Remover, take unwanted items out of your photos.

Ever take that perfect photo on the family vacation only to see later that you’ve captured a random tourist in the frame? Want to deport that tourist? Well Tourist Remover does that for you a heck of alot faster than the old Photoshop job…Check ’em out, it’s free for up to 100mb of storage. Paid options available thereafter.

HT: Ministry of Tech

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Piracy to stem Climate Change

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Graph of global temperature vs. number of pirates
Attribution: Wellington Grey

In an earlier entry the chart above was offered as conclusive evidence that lack of pirates is causing global warming. However, in a stunning announcement to the world, Somalia is now leading the fight against climate change with the introduction of a whole new generation of pirates.

Via CNN:

Over the weekend, gunmen aboard two skiffs hijacked the Panamanian-flagged Golden Mori off the Socotra archipelago near the Horn of Africa, said Andrew Mwangura, a spokesman for the Kenyan-based Seafarers’ Assistance Program.

In May, a U.S. Navy advisory warned merchant ships to stay at least 200 miles off the Somali coast. But the U.S. Maritime Administration said pirates sometimes issue false distress calls to lure ships closer to shore.

The pirates often are armed with automatic rifles and shoulder-fired rockets, according to a recent warning from the agency.

“To date, vessels that increase speed and take evasive maneuvers avoid boarding, while those that slow down are boarded, taken to the Somali coastline and released after successful ransom payment, often after protracted negotiations of as much as 11 weeks,” the warning advised.

Read more…

According to an confidential source in the transitional Somali government:

Somalia is pleased to be able to demonstrate leadership during this global crisis. It’s clear that traditional powers are ignoring the problem and have completely missed the correlation of pirate population to average ambient temperature. Our leadership believes that only through bold action can we effect a change in this matter thus we are launching ever increasing pirate raids in an attempt to forestall further damage. Despite our challenges as a country, if we can take such an active leadership role we expect the first world countries can respond in kind and follow our lead. Like with Kyoto, it’s clear that the United States will block any action to change the situation as they attempt to thwart our piracy actions.

[Note: This is a joke.]

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How would you spend $720M?

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The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) has created an interesting campaign showing what we might choose to invest in rather than prolonging our foreign adventure in Iraq. The banners are compelling. I encourage you to use and embed them. Here is the AFSC’s landing page for the Wage Peace campaign.

Cost of war banner cost of war banner
cost of war banner Cost of war banner
cost of war banner cost of war banner
cost of war banner Cost of war banner
cost of war banner Cost of war banner


Buh-bye Blogrush

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It was an idea full of promise, but it simply didn’t deliver. Consequently, we say goodbye to Blogrush, the ineffective tool for driving blog traffic. It’s been a good run. It’s too bad, there was promise in the approach and it’s clear the people involved have worked hard to make it a reality. Unforunately, the bottom line is, it doesn’t work. Here are the stats: exactly 8 referrals in six weeks out of 10’s of thousands of impressions (I’d give the exact number, but the reporting on BR limits one to 7 days history.)

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