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10.25.07 | Comment?

Perhaps you’ve seen or heard of Patently Silly, a place where actual patents are reviewed relative to their silliness and (im)practicality. Some things though never rise to the level of being patented. Here are some examples (that range from clever to silly to stupid to painful…)

Eco-Sensitive paper towel dispenser – see your impact on the world’s resources
Environmentally conscious paper dispenser

Square Watermelons – better stacking and storage for melons
Specially designed square watermelons for easier storage

DIY Ass Kicking Machine – better left on the drawing board…
Someone's idea of a good time, a home made ass kicking machine - pedal powered.

Slide-grater for kids – thankfully, only exists in Photoshop
Photoshop job of a cheese grater mated to a children's slide - doesn't really exist.

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