Supreme move toward Censorship

06.27.07 | Comment?

As has been widely reported, the US Supreme Court moved to limit free speech in the case where a student protested with this sign:

Bong Hits 4 Jesus

I’ll admit, this is not the most tasteful sign ever displayed and it certainly carries the potential to offend many people. But, the actual content of the message IS PROTECTED SPEECH under the US Constitution. With this ruling, free speech has been limited severely.

But there is a silver lining to this limitation, if Bong Hits 4 Jesus is unconstitutional, in my judgment, the signs below each exceed the new standard established by the court for limiting speech and legal action can and should be forthcoming…

Garden variety bigot with sign

Not only should this sign be disallowed, the holder should be subject to the same laws, you know, the famous “Eye for an Eye” Amendment currently working its way through Congress…

Graphic anti-abortion sign

This is clearly unacceptable content given the new ruling on free speech, all anti-abortion protesters signage should now be confiscated and protestors shall cease and desist or be subject to extremely late term abortion.

god hates fags sign

Now this is just a priceless photo, Mother and Son preaching hate at a funeral. Too bad, it used to be protected speech. Now, I expect under the new “Stoning Amendment” working its way through Congress that after the signs are confiscated, this family which clearly has embraced the loving god of christians can and should be stoned to death by the dead soldier’s relatives.

Teddy Kennedy's car has killed more people than my gun sign

Hey buddy, Kennedy is rich, and has more lawyers than you. He’s going to take your gun, your truck, and your mobile home. You’ll be black-listed and won’t be able to get a job. With the new bankruptcy laws, I expect you’ll find yourself in debtor’s prison before year’s end.

Klu Klux Klan Border Watch sign

Clearly, the Minute Men are holding up a proud tradition of protecting our borders…The National Guard can and should be called up to clear this riff-raff from border areas. Who knows how they were let in in the first place? It goes without saying the signs will be collected and used for target practice. The Minute Men and their Klan brethren will be shipped to fruit farms all over the country to work 16 hour days for $10 per day with no health benefits – it’s only right since they’re so interested in saving these jobs and they are eager Americans…

It's the fags stupid sign

Talk about mixed messages, Boston = Sodom and It’s the fags stupid, this is clearly a brain trust. In the old days, even though they’re idiots we would have to tolerate their messages of hate. No more, these folks will now be “relocated” to Castro Street in San Francisco and turned over to the S&M crowd to teach them a little discipline. The signs will be used as redneck food during their training. Illegal you say? It’s covered under the same “Eye for an Eye” amendment mentioned earlier.

Thank god for 9/11

Hmm. This one is simple. Due to the absolute tastelessness of this sign, the bearer will be shipped forthwith to New York City and entombed in the foundation of the new Freedom Tower. Since 9/11 was such a good thing, clearly this protestor (and sign) should become part of history in the place.

Combination of church and state message on church sign

Separation of church and state, churches can’t be used for political activity, that’s a no-no. The tax-exempt status will be revoked from this congregation and member’s wages garnished to pay for back taxes since it’s clearly a political action group.

Jews are the real hate group sign

The Star of David acts as a target. This protestor is shipped to Haifa and invited to participate in live training missions with Mossad…If he survives, and he can prove he’s not an illegal immigrant, he may be readmitted to the country upon completing his punishment.

Bush with his Mission Accomplished sign

Oh no, not the President of the United States. This message is clearly offensive to the families of the 3,000 or so soldiers killed in action since the mission was accomplished. It’s difficult to conjure the appropriate penalty for this offense, but a cubic centimeter of flesh for each death shipped to each family is a good start…Of course, since Mr. Bush is no longer part of the Executive Branch and subject to its rules and regulations (or protection) – we expect the Secret Service to stand aside as the mob takes justice.

Leaflet circulated during the Revolutionary War

And finally, there’s this leaflet from the American Revolutionary War. Under the new interpretation of the Constitution, this, ironically, is no longer free speech. This propaganda was meant to distinguish between the British and the Americans to enlist support for the Revolution. Some 233 years later, we find that we’ve come full circle. Taxation without representation. A monarch acting as rule unto himself. Religious persecution. The populace is deeply divided. And the very survival of the country is in question.

The sad thing about all of this is, it’s so bad, it’s funny. But not funny funny, simply so sad one has to laugh or be permanently depressed. No one seems to be paying attention, no one seems to care. We’re witnessing the death of democracy and freedom while we listen to iPods, watch TV, surf the net, and stay current on the latest celebrity faux paus. Write your representatives and let those people know you’re mad as hell and you’re not going to take it anymore. It’s clear that the ruling from the Supreme Court won’t extend to the signs above, but if it’s applied evenly, it damned well should.

Think those punishments are pure folly? The way things are headed, some will be reality in as little as 20 years. Act now. Let’s save our country. Not everyone is a neo-con or left-wingnut. Most people are decent, kind, caring, and in the center. Isn’t it time we took back the country from the radical fringe on both sides of the spectrum?

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