President’s Day and Mistakes

02.19.07 | Comment?

This video gives us a little something to think about on President’s Day. One has to wonder what Washington and Lincoln would make of our current leadership: executive, legislative, and judicial branches. Thus far, I’m entirely underwhelmed with our “new” congressional leadership. Executive leadership has already shown its true colors. The judicial branch might be in the best shape of all, and that’s not saying much.

Alot has been made about mistakes over the past six years. Here’s something to think about: If one is presented a situation and thoroughly considers all of the available information, seeks more context, consults others about the situation and then makes a decision with a negative outcome, it’s a “wrong” decision. The kind of decision I think many people (myself included) can live with, understand, and support.

However, if one is presented a situation and uses only the information that supports a single perspective, dimisses people with understanding, and directs others from a position of ignorance and then simply makes a decision, regardless of the outcome, that is a “bad” decision, also known as, a mistake.

What we’ve seen is a virtually uninterrupted chain of mistakes from our leadership. This is the kind of decision that is lazy, self-serving, dangerous, and damaging. It’s the kind of decision many people (myself included) cannot and will not tolerate.

Here’s to hoping we start seeing a track record of “good” decisions. And if we can’t have that, I’d settle for an increase in “wrong” decisions. But the time of “bad” decisions must quickly fade into the past for all our benefit.

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