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One of the surprises uncovered when analyzing the logs from last year is that my readers liked the few music entries put up and I promised more. So here’s a peak at some “world” music. One of the great things the Internet has done is allowed people to get glimpses (listens?) into places that the otherwise wouldn’t be able to access.

Throughout the past 20 years, I’ve traveled extensively for business – even so, I still wouldn’t have gotten the exposure to music I’ve been able to get (legally I might add) through the ‘net. This should be prefaced by noting I’m not a musical expert by any means, these are simply tunes I like with some personal commentary. So, here are some of my favorite finds, I hope you enjoy them: (note: the song titles are linked to the iTunes music store, when you click the song title link, it will attempt to open iTunes and play you a 30 second snippet of the selection.)

  • Iga Bani performed by Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabate – While this is Malian music, it has some Latin overtones that I find myself drawn to over and over again. Diabate’s mastery of the kora is evident in this piece.
  • Desert performed by Emilie Simon – This young French singer brings together techno and jazz to create a haunting and beautiful song.
  • Koke’e performed by George Kahumoku Jr. & Daniel Ho – OK, so technically Hawaii is part of the US, but I always feel like I’m somewhere outside the US when I’m there. Koke’e evokes the feeling of being there for me, in the warm breeze watching whales off Poipu beach in Kauai.
  • Everything performed by Jehro – Jehro is a truly multi-national artist, he’s been all over. I like this part reggae, part jazz tune quite well.
  • Old Moldavian Klezmer Suite in E performed by Khevrisa – This is traditional Moldavian folk music played with a klezmer, what’s not to like here? An unique and pleasing sound to be sure.
  • Fakrenha performed by Natacha Atlas – A great mix of Arabic and North African music. A very interesting and compelling sound performed quite well.
  • Machete performed by Novalima – An Afro-Latin genre mixed with some electronica. Nice beat, just try not to dance when listening to this. Good luck.
  • Soy Campesino performed by Ska Cubano – A well executed fusion of SKA and Cuban music with the Latin influence winning out in the end. Catchy tune, also dance ready.
  • La Noche y el Dia performed by Susana Baca – Baca combines traditional Peruvian instruments and sounds with an Afro beat and jazz overlay. This is a mellow song that works well for a quiet evening.
  • Xiao Yue Er Gao (High Little Moon) performed by Various Artists – This is a traditional Chinese folk song which I find very relaxing with interesting and unfamiliar structure and execution.
  • President performed by Wyclef Jean – OK, so former Fugees star Wyclef Jean has been in the US for awhile, I still find the reggae/hip-hop/rap mix he creates to be unique, interesting, and entertaining.
  • Fuego performed by Alex Cuba Band – Simply great Cuban music. The complex beat is combined with vocals, and horns in just the right way.
  • Siempre Me Quedara performed by Bebe – Spanish musician Bebe crafts a mellow and heartfelt song in Siempre Me Quedara. Not to be missed.
  • Samba Da Bencao performed by Bebel Gilberto – Daughter of famous Brazilian musician Joao Gilberto, Bebel delivers with a a jazz infused Brazilian samba in this piece.
  • Mariposa en Havana performed by Si*Se – A modern Cuban influenced pop song – “butterfly in Havana.” It’s got a great beat and the vocals are outstanding.
  • Agua de Rosas performed by Lila Downs – Oaxaca muscian Downs delivers with this piece, great Latin music.

Well, that’s a taste of what I like; perhaps as you listened with an open mind and ear, you found something new you liked too. There are many genres not represented here, it’s simply a snapshot of some of my favorites.

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