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Officiating in the OSU/Michigan game

11.23.06 | 17 Comments

Here’s an example of a good call, late hit out of bounds that was helmet to helmet, with the defender leading with the helmet (also called spearing.) Not only was the call correct, under the spearing rules, Crable could have been ejected for that type of hit (which, for the record, I think would have been over reacting in this case – but calling the 15 yard penalty was spot on.)

Here’s an example of a bad no call, and it was happening all night. Notice right guard Alex Mitchell (#73) tackling the linebacker John Kerr (#52.) It’s not just a ticky-tack hold, it’s tackling the defender. Mike Hart may be a good back, but heck, I’d be a good back when the defensive line and linebackers are being held on each play.

Unfortunately, I can’t find video of the phantom pass interference or the comical roughing the center call (and subsequent non-calls when the OSU center was tackled with his head down.) Obviously, the outcome of the game was what I’d hoped for, but I can’t stand the continual whining that Michigan was robbed by the refs. It is simply not true.

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