Coach’s Halloween Costumes

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It’s not often something _ichigan related is funny (except Lloyd’s constant whining at officials…) but this really is. Congrats to the folks at the M-Zone on a fine Halloween humor entry (and inspration on what one can do with Photoshop.)

See for yourself, click the image below:

Charlie Weis – Notre Dame
Costume: Ballerina

18 days to OSU/Michigan
Ohio State’s 2006 record: 9-0 Next up: at Illinois 11/4
Tune: Monster Mash by Bobby “Boris” Pickett
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Commentary, Energy

Bloody October

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No, this isn’t a Halloween post. 100 US Troops have been killed this month. Yet the election largely revolves around other issues from “hurting Bush” to sexcapades. It’s time to be for something, something we can all get behind, that isn’t so much about protecting ourselves as it is about creating a future of which we can be proud.

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, it’s time to drive for energy independence. Focus at home on this item, run the Federal government like most of us run our personal finances (i.e., bring more in than we spend and pay down debt,) reduce the government’s footprint (size, scale, and involvement in personal lives and matters,) and resist the urge for more “foreign adventures.”

Let’s be pragmatic, start by keeping as many of our energy dollars as possible in the Midwest and send as few as possible to the Middle East where they’ll get used for who knows what, but likely not something good for us…It’s getting tiresome seeing good people die for no good reason. Let’s do something about it.

19 days to OSU/Michigan!
Ohio State’s 2006 record: 9-0 Next up: at Illinois 11/4
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Deep fried what???

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Deep fried Coca-Cola, with strawberry syrup, and strawberries as a batter which is then deep fried. Yum yum – NOT! Read all about it here. I like junkfood as much as the next person, but you’ve got to draw the line somewhere…reminds me of the unnecessarily deep fried Snickers candy bars of the past.

Will future generations of fried coke eaters look like this?

Ohio State’s 2006 record: 9-0 Next up: at Illinois 11/4
Tune: Fat Spliffs by Slightly Stoopid
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Ohio State Football

Buckeyes bury Golden Gophers, 44-0

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The defense played better than I expected when predicting a 45-10 win in the game preview. Hats off to the defense for the shutout, forcing three turnovers, and for holding the Gophers to just 179 total yards, 45 of them rushing yards. The offense rolled up 476 yards today, 257 rushing. There was a little problem hanging on to the ball today with 3 fumbles given up by Ohio State. Troy Smith had his usual statistics today (226 total yards and 2 TDs,) though he didn’t look as sharp as he has in prior games.

Special teams was an adventure today, a missed extra point and a fumbled punt reception demonstrates there is more work to be done in this area. Despite the score, Minnesota never gave up – they played hard and delivered several punishing hits, two of them taking WR Ray Small and TB Maurice Wells out of the game. The Gophers also had some success in penetrating the OSU offensive line and putting some pressure on Smith.

It was a victory against a Big 10 opponent and had bright spots throughout. Clearly a good win. There’s still more room for improvement and that will help the coaching staff keep these youngsters focused in the final 3 weeks of the season. Great overall team effort and nice win. Go Bucks!

Ohio State’s 2006 record: 9-0 Next up: at Illinois 11/4
Tune: It was a very good year by Ray Charles & Willie Nelson
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Silly Searches

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One of the most entertaining aspects of blogging for me is watching statistics. Who’s reading this drivel? From where? What were they looking for when they stumbled upon this site? So, for your reading enjoyment, I give you the Top 10 most interesting search terms on this blog to date:

  1. how do crabs sore their energy
  2. statistic people killed by car wash
  3. bed bugs
  4. eepybird google
  5. buzz’s off road
  6. peckerwood lake
  7. planet pluto gone
  8. methane bubble destroy ship video
  9. diet coke mentos rocket
  10. mike bikini (not a pretty picture!)

Hope you enjoyed that as much as I did….

Ohio State’s 2006 record: 8-0 Next up: Minnesota 10/28
Tune: I still haven’t found what I’m looking for by U2
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