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The old bartender’s bet, can you spell the largest city in New Mexico? That’s where I’m residing temporarily as the truck meanders to points west. Most of the day was spent pondering this most excellent essay on the “Pursuit of Emptiness” by John Perry Barlow. It was mentioned at the conference yesterday; it’s worth reading and digesting.

Today started stormy with rain all morning throughout Oklahoma (who likes to brag about American Idol winner Carrie Underwood and Superbowl winner Troy Aikman – always think of Hank Hill’s character when I hear that name now…) and high winds throughout the trip, but especially in west Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle. Texas is home to the world’s (second) largest cross in a small town called Groom. Guess everything is bigger in Texas.

Today saw a gain in altitude of about 5,000 feet over a distance of 735 miles. The eureka moment I was hoping might happen, might have happened today. I’ll sleep on it and then see how it feels tomorrow. One thing is clear, I’d like to somehow make this world a better place, be able to make a living, spend time with my family, and work around people I respect. Whatever is decided, those core themes are non-negotiable.

Meatspace coordinates: N35.061 W106.422
Ohio State’s 2006 record: 3-0 Next up: Penn State 9/23
Tune: Milkshake by Kelis
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