Gold Standard of Lying

09.08.06 | Comment?

Lie about fooling around with an intern, get impeached. A new standard of lying was established.

Lie about Al Queda and Iraq links, lie about weapons of mass destruction, lie about revealing a covert CIA agent’s identity, get re-elected. This has to be the gold standard of lying.

Ignore Democrat or Republican or Conservative or Liberal, those are meaningless appellations. One’s assumption must now be when a mainstream politician is speaking, they’re lying. The more important the issue, the bigger the lie. Recent polls might indicate the public is tiring of the current liars and looking to install new liars. Richard Nixon looks like a saint relative to the hijinx we’ve seen over the past 10 years.

If we’re going to have to put up with liars, let’s at least have them lie about their sex lives – it’s better for the country and the world at large. So, Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative, convince me you’ll spend your time and energy trying to get laid and I’ll vote for you. If you intend more foreign adventures, no need to apply. That’s the sad state of affairs.

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