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I would like your input on how to improve this blog

08.03.07 | 6 Comments

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I’ve been blogging since 2004 (internal to Sun then) and externally since September, 2005. It’s been an interesting way to share among a community (most of whom I don’t personally know.)

This blog has had stints of innovation, business, Ohio State football, politics, religion, humor, renewable energy, and rants – people seem to like the blog and keep coming back. But one thing this blog hasn’t done is crystalized in anyway where it’s monetizable.

My hypothesis as to why it’s not monetizable is that there is no real prevailing topic, there are time periods where one topic may emerge for some period of time, but then the focus shifts to something new. While there has been some commentary and discussion posted, many of you choose to continue to interact directly with me via email (that’s OK, but I’d love to see more comments.) I like sharing different topics and statistics indicate that you like reading what I produce (this site gets around 2k visits per day, with just under 1k of them unique.) That means there is on the order of 60,000 visits per month – but, not many people comment, click links, or visit for long. That tells me there’s something wrong at the core – lots of visits, little “stickiness,” little community interaction.

So, I’m now considering what I want to do with this platform. Should I consolidate topics here and publish more frequently? Should I segregate topics into discrete sites that only focus on say, Ohio State football? (I’m about to start posting on that topic frequently again as the season is about to start…) Do you, the people who visit this blog have any suggestions for what you’d like to read more of, less of, different than, format, etc? What would make you visit more often? What would cause you to share links with others? What might prompt you to link to this site? What would prompt you to reference material from this site?

Should I blogsolidate (consolidate content into this single site with more frequent updates?) Should I blogversify (separate the topics into discreet blog sites like I’ve already done for rewnewable energy?) Should I bloggregate (separate the topics into discreet sites and also aggregate the content on this site from the satillites?) Is there a different approach I’m not considering that I should consider using?

Change is in the wind, and I’m asking what you’d like to see – that could help me out as I decide what to do here. The status quo won’t stand for long…let me know your thoughts.