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More Small Wind

TechnoSpin micro turbine
Attribution: TechnoSpin

Small wind seems to be gaining momentum. Recently, TechnoSpin secured an $8M Series A investment to scale up the manufacture of their line of small-scale wind turbines. The technical breakthrough for Technospin was in blade design leading to cut in and production at slower speeds than traditional turbines (3-4/m/sec range.)

The company offers 4 variations of turbine with rotor diameters ranging from 1.2 to 6m and peak power output ranging from 0.2 to 3.8kW. Two distinct offers from the company include the SeaSpin microturbine for electricity production in maritime environments and WaterSpin, a pumping microturbine for agricultural environments. The other two offers are for residential and small business use for straight electricity generation.

We will be curious to see how the small wind segment shakes out, there are clearly opportunities here if a company can hit the right price/performance/convenience ratio.

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