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Ormat 3rd Quarter Results

Last week Ormat announced a solid quarter with revenues $79.5M, up 2% Y/Y and earnings of $15.8M up 13% Y/Y. Details of the earnings announcement are available in this press release. Dita Bronicki reaffirmed guidance for the year and the quarter and the stock has responded well in the market place. For the year, Ormat is on track to deliver $280M in revenue and around $55M in earnings for 2007.

The equipment business continued to be “lumpy” showing a decrease of 15.8% Y/Y – while the recovered heat product wins seem to be coming in, increased competition in the geothermal heat conversion business could be starting to have an impact. Also, a number of developers we have contact with are not inclined to select Ormat equipment for their projects due to the competitive relationship (some have used the word “predatory”) Ormat has fostered with developers. This bears watching closely, though the electricity segment continues its growth generally as predicted.

A secondary offering of 3.3M shares raised $155M in this quarter, though it is not reflected in the results. This money will be used to further advance the development of new power plants. Also, it is rumored, though not reported that the company may have realized positive results from one of its drilling and exploration programs in Nevada.

At current market cap, $1.89B, Ormat is trading just north of 34 times 2007 earnings.

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