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More waste heat business for Ormat

Italcementi Cement Plant
Italcementi West Virginia Cement Plant

Yesterday, Ormat announced a $5.7M deal with Italcementi Group to be installed at a Martinsburg, West Virginia cement plant. While the total size of the plant in MW was not disclosed, we believe it to be in the 3.5MW range. This marks another win in Ormat’s strategy to diversify from geothermal into the waste heat harvest business.

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  2. Fatemeh Mohajerani August 15th, 2009 2:19 am

    BIISCO is an experienced Iranian company with head-office in Chabahar Free Trade Zone and operations office in Tehran.

    The experience and expertise of the company’s managers is in the field of industrial saving and recycling energy, and due to the needs of the Iranian market, we are now determined to expand our activities toward importing equipment for recycling and saving energy in factories particularly in the cement factories. We therefore ask you to inform us whether the sale of such products is within your domain of activities, so we can pursue the matter further.

    International Affairs Director

    Fatemeh Mohajerani