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Two Down, One To Go

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Lighting finished in the explore room of Oddyssea Half Moon Bay

Yesterday was all about track lighting. I can say with some certainty that this is the first (and last) time I will ever install track lighting. Talk about a product set in need of some improvement!

In any case, the front or “explore” room is now trackified (though I’m not certain the fixtures on the track are the final answer – it was cheaper to buy kits that included lamps than 4′ sections of track. Go figure.) We’ve got 2 circuits going in that room and I’ll likely put a dimmer on one so we can use it after hours to keep things somewhat lit after dark.

Still waiting on phone/internet – should happen any time. The alarm guys are coming out next week. And today/tomorrow will be about lighting in the “create” room. There are 8 drop fixtures to run conduit for, wire up, and add the lamp fixtures to. We’ve been all over the place on what those fixtures should be (have an artist do it, scavenge different fixtures to make each distinct, make our own fixtures, or go with something uniform, but industrial.) We finally decided on the latter and they should arrive tomorrow. I’d like to be able to install them before the weekend is complete.

Meanwhile, we’ve got display fixtures arriving next Wednesday which should be exciting. A couple of 1920’s era apothecary counters and some associated accessories. We’ve got vertical bulk bins and the work table being built as we speak, and the pods/shelves are still undergoing some design work. I’ll look forward to the time we can just focus on product!

Our logo is also underway and we’re having a spirited discussion about how it should finally look. Should resolve that one today. That’s the update from Oddyssea Half Moon Bay! Back to the physical world for some more work.

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How Not to Delight Your Customers

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Here’s the general mindset I had before getting Intuit’s missive this morning: I have only 1 employee and the service has been working well for me. I enjoyed this service even back when it was PayCycle, pre-acquisition. However, the Intuit version has always felt expensive to me and not aligned with the small business value that PayCycle had as a standalone business.

The letter below was waiting for me in my inbox this morning from Intuit Payroll Services:

Letter from Intuit Payroll Services announcing a price incease of 7.5%.

My first reaction is that the letter is facetious in that it’s really a communication of a price increase to customers like me of 7.5%. There is anticipation of customer drop out as they invite customers to “chat” with them online (doesn’t work in a Safari browser) or to waste 15-30 minutes of their day calling customer support at Intuit.

I’ll say this, I don’t feel like a valued customer when I read this letter and given my mindset before receiving the letter, I think I’ll look for alternatives. Having recently been a GM of a business in a large company, I can also say that it’s in poor form to sign one’s name to something that goes to a customer community and not have a direct means of communicating with the executive who signed the letter (I’m talking to you Ms. Lee.)

$1.50/month isn’t that steep of increase in the grand scheme of things, but the way it’s being approached, the way it’s being communicated and supported, and the already high pricing lead me to believe I’m better off to take my small business payroll needs elsewhere.

Anyone out there have a great, cost-effective recommendation for payroll services that work and value you as a customer? If so, please leave a comment.

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Light in Storeroom

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Finally, after fussing over it for a few days, the light I built was installed in the storeroom yesterday.

Light in Oddyssea Storeroom


Recruiting Animal Show

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Recruiting Animal's photo from his About page

After a twitter exchange with @ResumeStrategy last month, I was suggested to be a guest on the Recruiting Animal show on Blog Talk Radio. Had a great chat with @Animal this morning in advance of the show and have to say, I’m looking forward to it.

Should be interesting to get the recruiting view on and to discuss hiring, careers, etc. My sense is that it will be a lively exchange and who knows, maybe there will be something to learn too.

Check out Recruiting Animal’s website here and join us for the show Weds March 25th at 9am Pacific. The dial in details are there on the site in the right hand column.

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Product Camp Today

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Crowd expected at Product Camp

Today, Saturday March 24th is Product Camp sponsored by the Silicon Valley Product Manager’s Association. It’s at eBay’s campus in San Jose, California starting at 8am. There will be many sessions there – among them, mine “3 Methods for Defining Awesome Products.”

If you’re local, join 500+ of the best and brightest product managers at the event. If you’re not, look online for the presentations etc as the team puts them online for access by the broader community.

If you’re a product person, this is the place to be. Hope to see you there.

Update: Here’s my presentation hosted at SlideShare:

Product Camp 2012 – Harding

View more presentations from Mike Harding.

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