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08.05.11 | Permalink | Comments Off on USA Inc
Deficit Chart

Like a drunk on a bender manages alcohol, we the people of the USA are spending our way into oblivion. If you care even a bit about getting the country back on track, invest 20 minutes to listen to the presentation that Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins gives. It gives data and suggestions that are easily understood about the financial condition of the USA and their implications.

We are at a crossroads. While I do not approve of the grandstanding and or social imperatives of the so-called tea party, I am grateful that this has brought the debate into the forefront of our collective consciousness. It’s clear we have a choice and that isn’t just about cutting things, it’s incumbent upon us to have a plan for fiscal well-being and a commitment to execute against this plan.

This isn’t a new position for me, I’ve written about it many times before and well before it was a political football to be misused by the political idiots we have elected. Our lack of education in basic math skills was never more apparent than in the latest round of budget machinations.

So, what do we do here? Do nothing? Continue to argue? Or actually take on the hard decisions to cut expenses, increase revenue, and grow our long-term future? I say we actually do something sensible, but I think that is much easier said than done.