Finally a use for Facebook

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Guess I’ll let my Geek Flag Fly today…these are my favorite non-dirty jokes…Hope you enjoy them too. Best use for Facebook I’ve seen yet.

Geek Jokes from Facebook Updates


And You Wonder Why Religions Can’t Be Taken Seriously…

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Watch the 3 minute clip below, then read the commentary.

OK, where to start with this. It’s that there are exactly 144,000 people who will rule in Heaven with the deity post apocalypse; though it might deter one from trying to convert others and that could be a good outcome. The cross is a pagan symbol, where as the wooden stake is a better symbol. Kind of like Festivus, my favorite holiday, no tree, but there is an aluminum pole……The deity is invisible and rules from afar before deciding to destroy New York City, that’s a happy belief and prediction. And people say atheists are joyless and grumpy.

As whacky as this Jehovah’s Witness cartoon will appears, it is no more whacky than any other supernatural belief system I’ve heard of…..Generally, the difference between the atheist and the true believer is one god, the one the true believer worships. There are over 900 other major gods from major religions that person doesn’t believe in. As Spock would say, “fascinating.”

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There’s a War on Christmas

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This pretty accurately demonstrates my experience with the typical wingnut. Equally, on the left, there are some annoying and inconsistent cries. But this was just too good from David Cross…My favorite line? “There’s a War on Christmas!”


7 Billion in 2011

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This seemed a good way to ring in the New Year…..thought provoking video from National Geographic.