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Amazing Map of Earthquake Energy

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NOAA map of Chile earthquake energy mapped to the Pacific Ocean.

This is the map of the earthquake in Chile (8.8M) early this morning and how the energy has been transferred to the ocean. We’re expecting a 1m (3.3 ft) tsumnami from the event momentarily (around 1:30pm PT.) The map was generated by NOAA.


Winter in Barcelona

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I’m attending a conference in Barcelona this week which is interesting. Beautiful city despite the dog excrement problem (really, it’s pretty gross.) Despite being sick, I’ve enjoyed the little I’ve seen of the city. La Fira (where the event is happening in the Mont Juic park) is spectacular. Looking forward to dinner tonight at the Museum of History in the restaurant La Miranda del Museu. I’m guessing this place is unbelievable in the summer time, right now, pretty gray and raining. Hope I get to feeling a little better so I can see more…

Here are a couple of images from the city and event…

Font La Magica
Font La Magica Barcelona Spain

Inside one of the 8 pavilion halls
Inside Hall 1, MWC 2010