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Mad TV’s take on the iPad

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Too good to pass up. Hope you laugh as hard as I did…


They Asked for It

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I frequently get mail from folks telling me that their religion “isn’t like that” – if only I’d take the time to understand the true nature of their particular faith I would see the light and save myself.

Many are the same people who give to a giant douche-bag like Pat Robertson. According to the faith-based idiot, Haiti brought this earthquake on themselves by get this, making a pact with the devil! The fact that people don’t laugh out loud at this stuff is beyond me. No, not the current people of Haiti, their ancestors in order to be rid of the French. Has nothing to do with plate tectonics, it’s a spiteful god claiming vengeance on the descendants of alleged devil dealers. That’s rich!

Watch the clip below, you can make your own judgment.


Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself

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Church Sign: Reason is the greatest enemy that faith has.

From the mouths of the oppressors often flows the truth, but a truth not intended to tell. As is the case in this sign…..

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Two Explanations for Virgin Birth

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Ricky is quickly becoming one of my favorite comedians…

In other news, Rick Warren of the Saddleback Church, had a $1M gap to close in their funding and put out a request for help to the flock. What happens? He collects $2.4M over the course of a weekend from the congregation. Why was the gap there in the first place? Poor economy causing donations to drop from the same congregation. So, he decides he’ll put some godly pressure on the faithful, and lo and behold, a miracle happens. I say the flock got fleeced.

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Know the Risk

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I’ve been a long time critic of so called “security measures” and not because a nutjob made it on to an airplane with a potential bomb. It’s because the measures are for show, they can’t be effective with the volume of travelers and the mass of crap moving along with the travelers. Society seems to demand a zero risk environment when they fly; something completely unattainable and as a traveler, I say completely undesirable.

What’s the most dangerous thing you do when you travel? Drive to the airport. By far. Here’s a handy image that puts the risk of terrorist attack in perspective:

Real risk of terrorist attack via air

Get a grip people. This is life and there are risks. Let’s take them on intelligently and in proportion to their probability of occurrence and severity of negative outcome. Not simply by reacting senselessly. No movement in the final hour of flights, no electronics, no carry on baggage. Puhleeze. Get a grip.

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