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Wanna Buy Twitter?

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Screenshot of Sharespost

Given the Twitter-mania that seems to be sweeping the world, it would be a public service to talk about Sharespost, the passive bulletin board to connect buyers and sellers of private equity of hot companies like Twitter, Tesla, eHarmony, Facebook, SolarCity, and a couple of hundred more.

This is really a very good idea as shareholders of privately held startups have never had such a convenient was to transform their shares into cash in advance of “the liquidity event” all startups attempt to catalyze. Now, this isn’t like opening an E-Trade account, it’s more involved and expensive than that. To keep the riff-raff out, the minimum transaction size is $25,000 and there is a flat $2,500 transaction fee payable to US Bank.

In order to stay in the good graces of the Securities and Exchanges Commission, Sharespost is simply putting qualified Buyers and Sellers in a place to have a private conversation and making pertinent information about both parties and the companies available for faster and more efficient decisions. So I say kudos to Greg Brogger & Co to providing a much needed and potentially very useful service to shareholders and buyers alike.

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How Can Anyone Be Surprised

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Iranian Hostage Crisis, 1979

The thing that is most surprising to me about the recent election in Iran where the incumbent hardliner won re-election is that anyone would be surprised about the outcome. I mean, come on, this regime in Iran is not exactly known for concepts like democracy or even making decisions based upon data (see Islamic Republic – if it ain’t in the Koran it ain’t happening.)

So there’s all this news coverage spewing all over on this subject and I find myself asking “why is anyone surprised and why is this news?” When the Ayotollah dies and isn’t replaced, then we can see if any real change is possible in Iran. While religious nutjobs run the country, things aren’t going to change without armed revolt.

I have no enmity toward the Iranian people (in fact, some of the most interesting, intelligent, kind, and capable people I know originally hail from Iran – often they’re more oblique indicating they’re from Persia.) Indeed, I hope for their sake, they are able to reach some reasonable accord between their own collective free will and religion. It’s just that the situation that has recently played out had zero promise of that happening.

It’s up to the people of Iran to figure this out and if we’re smart, we’ll stay out of it whilst that happens. The rule of unintended consequences you know…Meanwhile, present-day Iran provides good example of why to keep church and state separate.

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Guess We Are Related to Monkeys

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Another Sunday humor piece…

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Seventy-Seven Virgins

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The real virgins awaiting those who wage Jihad

It’s in poor taste, I know, but really, I couldn’t resist…Instead of Sunday School today, it’s Sunday Laugh. Enjoy!

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A Very Clever (Un)Apology

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Have to say, I’m with Dave on this one. If you’re of legal age and you’re in the public eye, then you’re fair game. However, minor children of people in the public eye really shouldn’t be part of the conversation (Do you hear that Governor Palin?)

Frankly, to me, the thing I remember about the campaign isn’t her daughter getting knocked up, but rather the way she used her baby as a prop at rally after rally. As a parent, I turned to my wife at one point and said “how is this kid getting any rest or attention?” I really thought that set of activities was more revealing than anything else.

While we’re on the subject of the Palin family, the other thing I found highly ironic was that her unwed, daughter’s choice to keep her baby was a private family matter. Yet, these are the same people who seem to want to intrude on other people’s choices and private family matters. Hypothetically, imagine that an Obama daughter was 17 years old during the campaign and was impregnated out of wedlock – how exactly would that have been greeted?

In any case, Dave, go get ’em. You haven’t been funny in a very long time, but at least you’ve still got balls. And for that sir, I salute you. And Sarah, sorry to break it to you, your 15 minutes are up. Go chase a moose or something.

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