Faced with yet another day at the park…

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Park Racer

the sleep deprived father decides to race a panda. Who says the kids have all the fun…


Breaking news: Spinal Tap Reunites

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Spinal Tap

This is just off the wire: Spinal Tap will reunite for a concert on global warming in July. As the group is not known for social awareness, this is something of a surprise. Nigel Tufnel is quoted as saying about global warming “I thought it was just because I was wearing too much clothing, if I just took my jacket off it would be cooler.” No word on who the drummer will be for this concert or what the odds of survival for that band member will be.

Since the band’s breakup, Nigel has been raising miniature horses, though he has been having difficulty finding miniature jockeys to ride them. David has become a hip-hop producer and runs a colonic clinic on the side. Derek has been in rehab for addiction to the Internet.

Technology & Science

Beautiful and deadly

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Blue ringed octopus

It’s hard to believe that a such a beautiful golf-ball sized creature is so dangerous, but the blue ringed octopus can kill. The octopus produces a neurotoxin called Maculotoxin, there is no known antidote.

Humor, Technology & Science

UI gone awry

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Press button, receive bacon

The above image, while humerous, does remind us that even the simplest user interface can be interpreted in ways we don’t intend…


Take me out to the ball game

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Barry Bonds hits number 740
Bonds launches number 740

Last week at a barbeque with friends we talked about taking our families to see a baseball game, four adults and three children (ages 4 and 2.) One of our friends works at a large, San Francisco corporation which maintains a luxury box at PacBell, no, that’s not it. SBC no, that’s not it. ATT park, yes, that’s it, this year.

So yesterday we packed up the kids and headed to the park. Now if you haven’t been in one of the “new” baseball stadiums, you are missing out. The park is beautiful, it’s easy to get into and out of, the food is good (if expensive,) and the atmosphere is great. This is a far cry from my experience watching baseball on bleachers in Riverfront Stadium during the days of the “Big Red Machine.” I still have fond memories of that and hope my daughter does of this event too.

A word about luxury boxes, think of a small hotel room with comfy furniture, a refrigerator, sink, and room service. Then take the wall that faces the field and make it glass with a door in the middle, then put 16 individual seats outside, under the a roof, with expansive and unblocked views of the field. It’s certainly not the bleachers!

The next time we go, we’ll take CalTrain. Driving and parking weren’t great. $30 to park! Also, while the food was good, $5 for a hotdog is a bit outrageous, so we’ll take a few snacks too. All in all, a very fun day. Oh yeah, the game. It was a pitchers duel. The Giants won 2-1 with Bonds hitting his 740th homerun. He’s now 15 short of tying Hank Aaron’s record.

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