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Bucks make statement in Iowa City, 38-17

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That was a very complete game by the Bucks in a very adverse conditions. I’m thoroughly impressed. After Michigan State’s meltdown today against Illinois, it’s hard to see anyone on the schedule coming within 2 touchdowns other than that final game Nov 18 against that school up north…..

One concern I have now having seen 2 Big 10 games is officiating. It’s horrendous this season. I can’t fathom how instant replay officials can look at the same thing we’re seeing on TV and then MAKING THE WRONG CALL – as they did overruling a completion to Ginn. Inexcusable. The other carryover from the Penn State victory is the down after down holding of the OSU defensive line. It’s got to stop. It’s amazing the pressure is still being applied even with the mugging those fellows are getting on each play.

Hats off the the Bucks! Well done!

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Huge underwater find

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Ever wondered what those hangers at Moffett Field were built to house?

Hanger 1 @Moffett Field

Airship USS Macon

There’s your answer, rigid airships. On February 12, 1935 the Macon disappeared off the Pacific coast. Recently, it was discovered and photographed. Fascinating piece of history.

Underwated photo from the crash site off Monterey (of mooring mast)

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Hidden Asset: Space

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Image from the US Census Bureau: one dot = 7,500 people

At one point, I was able to drive for nearly 6 hours without seeing another car, person, or sign of human activity. If you live east of the Mississippi River, I can understand you might have a different experience, but west of the river, is an entirely different story. You can see that the coasts and the eastern part of the US are rather densely populated. But the rest is sparse to say the least.

I wonder what we could do with this “hidden” asset?

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Ohio State Football

OSU vs. Iowa on Saturday

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Based upon how the first 1/3 of the season has played out, there are really only 3 realistic opportunities for OSU losses in the final 8 games (ignoring whomever the bowl opponent might be which would obviously be a 4th opportunity.) One of the regular season opportunities is this weekend, on the road, at night in Iowa City, Iowa against the 13th ranked, 4-0 Iowa Hawkeyes. The other opportunities are at Michigan State and then Michigan at home.

Reasons why OSU could very easily lose this game:

  • Veteran, mobile quarterback in Drew Tate
  • Veteran, hard-running tailback in Albert Young
  • Hostile environment, at night, on the road
  • Veteran, active defensive line
  • Very good coaching from Ferentz and staff, Iowa is always fundamentally sound
  • OSU’s defense has been very good thus far, but they’ve not seen this combination yet and they’re due for an “off night” like the offense had last week against a physical Penn State squad with contributions in the form of rain from Mother Nature.

Iowa’s 4 victories have been against division IAA Montana, Syracuse (away without Tate), Illinois (away), and in-state rival Iowa State. None of these really give us a clue about the Iowa team other than the victory over Iowa State. The Hawkeyes beat them 27-17 at home, Texas beat them 37-14, OSU beat Texas 24-7. Transitive logic often fails in sports, but if it holds here, one would expect the Bucks to be victorious.

Reasons why OSU could very easily win this game:

  • Veteran, mobile, Heisman candidate quarterback in Troy Smith
  • Veteran, hard-running tailback in Antonio Pittman
  • Veteran, healthy offensive line (10 deep)
  • Veteran, world-class speed in WR corp (Ginn, Gonzales, Robiskie, Hartline, Small, Hall)
  • Recent success in hostile environments, at night, on the road
  • Veteran, active defensive line (8 deep)
  • Fast and hungry back 7 (generating 8 turnovers thus far)
  • One of the best “big game” coaches in football with Jim Tressel and staff

What will happen: The first half will be close, I’d expect that Iowa might even lead at half time, 10-7 or the like. The second half sees the Buckeyes pull away for a 31-13 win. Regardless, it should be a very interesting game and I’m really looking forward to it.

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Geek chic, a different take

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While on the road, Lisa Coleman of Intermedia, forwarded me a link to this article that showed some interesting factoids about the proclivities of IT types on clothing and accessories vs. the standard business types. It was a short and fun read.

As the proud wearer of a ponytail and owner of both a Leatherman and a MagLite, I was pleased to see I still have some geek affinity. However, I do prefer clean clothes and Megadeath on t-shirts isn’t quite my cup of tea.

All hail to the geeks!

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