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Onstar Update: Maintenance Notification (and suggested improvements)

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My monthly Onstar email arrived again, great to see. The above image is a snip from that report, you can see that I need to schedule a service appointment. My oil needs changed and tires should be inspected and rotated. OK, that’s great to know, in fact, it was a similar situation to my last Onstar Update. So, if any GM or Onstar folks happen to read this, here are some suggestions that might help your customers and your business:

  • Since I’m a subscriber, you know who I am and how to contact me. Why not offer me service appointments at a geographically convenient location with multiple time options? I would welcome this helpful contact until/unless I asked you not to do so. This would bias me toward your service, provide convenience value for me, and make my vehicle last longer.
  • How about sending reminder messages as engine oil life heads toward 0? (where it is now. Oh, and, why is it 4% in your report and 0% in my vehicle? Why lag in reporting?)
  • What if you asked me about service opportunities when I used other Onstar services or asked questions?
  • OK, since you have location information for me (yes, I know you know where I travel) how about using that to arrange a rendezvous with a loaner vehicle to enhance the convenience and increase the probability I would use your service.
  • Since you’re collecting data, I’d hope Onstar is analyzing it and preparing to use it. Otherwise, really, what’s the point?

As we release network services for system administrators, I hope our users will provide us with this sort of feedback. My general impression of Onstar thus far is that it’s a good start, but it’s not nearly a fully realized networked vehicle service yet. However, I remain hopeful…..I’ll provide another update next month.

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Memorial Day: Not just for BBQs

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Sometimes we forget why we set days like these aside in the first place. Memorial Day is a way to reflect and remember those who have given their full measure in defense of the core ideals upon which our nation lives and thrives.

This Memorial Day I thought alot about a note that Abraham Lincoln sent to Mrs. Lydia Bixby that was publisized in the film “Saving Private Ryan.”

There is much debate over the circumstances of this letter: Mrs. Bixby was allegedly a Confederate sympathizer, not all of her sons were killed (one discharged and one deserted,) and that an aide to Lincoln wrote the letter. OK, all of that may be true. But, this communication still demonstrates an understanding of the cost of war that we don’t see frequently today. When I think about our people, fighting and surviving in Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay, and South Korea; not to mention the so called “safe” assignments at embassies and allies like Saudi Arabia; I sincerely hope it’s worth the cost.

Before you fire up the grill today, at least take a few moments to think about what the day is about and perhaps to say thank you to veterans and their families.

That’s all I’ve got to say. Thank you veterans.

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Invisible Cloak?

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Scientists have a working theory that would create an area of invisibility for those who wear the material. Sounds pretty far out, but I’d like one if the theory pans out….

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Just for fun: Johnny Jetpack Propulsion Laboratories

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You have to admire people who do things their own way for their own reasons. That’s why I smiled when I recently read an article in Make Magazine about Johnny Jetpack. Description directly from the Johnny Jetpack website below:

Recently, the TV show Mythbusters attempted to replicate launching Buster (a crash test dummy) in the same manner with less than stellar results. It’s all kind of fun…..

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Real experience using Knowledge Connection

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Jon Greaves provides a brief summary of his experience using our Knowledge Connection pilot. Thanks for trying it Jon, we’ll get more relevant knowledge added soon! Everyone else, please take Jon’s example and give it a whirl. We want to hear what you discover, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Also, please don’t forget to check out Eco Connection also on the Fresh Tools tab. Stay tuned, more to come shortly both in terms of new capabilities as well as new features, functions, and content to the things posted now.

Also, Martin Hardee posted an entry on SKC, thanks Martin!

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