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Renewable Investments hitting Mainstream

CBS MarketWatch ran an interesting story last week on brokerage and investment banking concern Jesup & Lamont and their analysis of small cap stocks in the renewable space. The video above was recorded at a conference the company sponsored and Brian Yerger takes the viewers through the rationale of alternative energy (we prefer renewable, there’s nothing alternative about technologies that have been used for millennia) stocks moving into the mainstream for investors, particularly institutions. Geothermal player Ormat and solar PV installer Akeena are mentioned prominently in the clip.

CBS MarketWatch Article
Ormat (ORA)
Akeena (AKNS)

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  1. Bill Lemon May 19th, 2008 12:31 pm

    At the risk of biting a hand that might someday feed me, I have to say that when the I-banks tout companies, it is a much better indicator of past performance than future performance for that stock.

    I do think that it is fair to draw from this conference that the banks see a growing ability to sell such equities to the big institutions and THAT is a good thing for the renewables industry. More institutional investment will draw more IPOs which will in turn, draw more project and venture investors into the space.