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New Renewable Power Source

We promised not to make this a humor site when we posted our first renewable-related humor on wind power.

Custom Low RPM Alternator
Low power generator for hamster power harvest
Photo Credit: The Other Power

But, we came across this project and it was simply too good to pass up for commentary. So, without further ado, here’s the striking new, renewable energy source: hamsters!

Custom energy hackers, The Other Power, have been releasing serious DIY energy projects for some time. These include wind turbines, steam generators, low-speed diesel generators, and camper mounted solar arrays. But, the most interesting project involves creating a custom low RPM alternator designed to be driven by hamster power. They call the project, The Hamster-Powered Night Light.

Hamster Power Harvest System
Finish hamster power harvest system
Photo Credit: The Other Power

It turns out to be not so simple to build a generator that relies on an animal driving a wheel 40-60 RPM with relatively low torque. But the folks at Other Power spend the time to walk you through the intimate details of the project including the new field of hamster psychology. Read the details of the project and enjoy!

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